Rabu, 09 Desember 2009

About me and my jewelry

Hello everyone, I'm Nadia and I'm new here. I live in Bali. It's a very nice and warm place to live. Everyday is holiday here :).
I make handcrafted jewelry since a year ago. It calls chain maille jewelry also. The first time i found out about chain maille, i was thinking "Hmmm it's a different way to make jewelry. Interesting". Then i just tried make some weavings i found in the internet from the cheapest jump rings i could find it here. From then, i'm just addicted to it. It's so fascinating how jump rings can turn out into beautiful and unique jewelry that you never think it can :D. For now, i work with craft wires in any colors.
I choose elusive as my brand because it represents my handcrafted jewelry as elegan, unique, and exclusive.
Good day, everyone!!!!

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